Money on the Web

Below a selection of reviews of sites which are paying to interact with them.  

Read the reviews to learn about how to do business on the web.


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Earnings on the web

this link

and you will discover a way to earn money on the web.

You simply have to view ads. It is an easy way to earn some quid.

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Business with neobux

At  neobux

  you may do business!

Ya, follow the link above to discover a promotional service that really pay you.

You may join to be paid per click or you may join as advertiser.

The main idea, if you do want to develope a similar project, is to collect people that want their banners to be clicked, and at the same time, collecting people willing to click for cash. You join the two class of people.

The one willing to click for money, will surely click the banners of the people paying to be clicked.  If you pay someone to click a banner, you may be sure the banner itself will be clicked. So, you may ask for money to the people that you make their banner clicked, and these people will pay you, becouse their banner is surely clicked.

Hope I cleared your mind. If not post me your questions and suggestions.